Target group: Self-employed entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized private sector enterprises in Luxembourg and the surrounding area.


Often, inefficient structures result in ineffective use of resources in the underlying processes, resulting in higher administrative costs, slower processes, dissatisfied employees and at some point the customer notices this and turns away from your company and goes to the competition.


I will help you to critically examine your current processes in the administrative areas, especially with regard to

  • customer satisfaction
  • customer orientation (external and internal customers)
  • process reliability
  • cost-usage ratio
  • automation potentials.

My analysis is carried out in direct cooperation with you and your employees, on site and in direct consultation. I deliberately refrain from highly theoretical and elaborate analyses and speak directly to the employees of your company, because they know best what works well and what works less well. This includes not only the employees directly involved in the processes, but also their clients.


The meaningfulness and expediency of each administrative procedure is questioned with regard to customer satisfaction and the business success of the company.


After completion of the analysis, I will present my findings to you in a joint discussion and present the catalogue of measures I have drawn up. This catalogue contains all proposed measures, the proposed priority, the impact on current processes, the expected results (customer satisfaction, process costs, error rate, automation potential, implementation costs, organisational structure,...). These suggestions are based on my many years of experience and have definitely been tried and tested in practice.


Once the proposed measures have been validated, I will support you on site in implementing the measures and accompanying the employees involved. If necessary, I can resort to special competencies in my network and bring them to bear profitably for your company in the implementation project.


Do you use different media, from paper, fax to e-mail, MS Office products, special business applications, but lack the integration of different media and processes?


I support you in the dovetailing and integration of different media and applications with the aim of a smooth transfer of documents and information into the different systems and applications.

The goal is

  • to react faster to customer requests,
  • to be able to carry out searches cost-effectively and quickly,
  • to issue invoices promptly and thus improve cash flow,
  • reduce duplicate or multiple entry of information and eliminate sources of error.


Integration usually takes place in several stages:

  • analysis of processes
  • determination of double and multiple processing operations
  • analysis of source and target applications and information carriers
  • adaptation of the processes for optimal process design and possibly reduction of interfaces
  • in the remaining process, then ensure that the data is transferred in the process flow, using
    • scanning,
    • interfaces with automatic data transfer,
    • Visual Basic in the MS Office area,
    • optical archiving systems,
    • adaptation of existing systems and / or applications,
    • integration and interfacing software from external providers.

If necessary, I can also fall back on expertise in my network and bring solution providers on board to achieve these goals in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.


The cooperation with external suppliers is always fully transparent and comprehensible.